Welcome to the Cathedral of St. Peter

Most Reverend David J. Malloy, D.D., J.C.L., S.T.D. 
Bishop of Rockford

 Cathedral of St. Peter is a Roman Catholic Church whose mission is that of Jesus Christ: the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls. This is accomplished by preaching the Gospel, celebrating the Sacraments and evangelizing the world around us.

During the Lenten Season, Cathedral of St. Peters held several different collections for the needs of our local community.  The amout of support that came through our parishioners was remarkable.  We truly have a wonderful group of people who openly give with their hearts!  Those who are benefiting from our collections: Cornucopia, MELD, Carpenter's Place, and St. Elizabeth's Center will be so appreciative and overjoyed.  Thank you so much for representing the Cathedral of St. Peter's so well.

We also would like to thank all of the wonderful people who helped out this Lenten Season with all the extra's the church had going on.  If it wasn't for all of these parishioners, things would not have been nearly as beautiful as they were.  Alot of people put extra time, money, and sweat into making sure this was a beautiful Lenten Season! 


The Cathedral is offering online Tithing to simplify your life.  Online giving provides a convenient way for you to make a financial contribution if you are able to.  Now you don't have to be worried about misplacing your envelopes or about making sure the church receives it when you are out of town.  You can focus on worship!  There are only 3 easy steps to sign up.  One step is already done, because you can find it here on this website!  Just click on the Contribute Now bar on the left side of the Home Screen and follow the steps for creating a new account.  Its simple, easy, and convenient.  If you have any questions or need futher assistance feel free to contact the parish office at 815-965-2765. 

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