In 1915 a small framed chapel was constructed in the Auburndale subdivision in Rockford.

The chapel was dedicated to St.William and was utilized as a mission for the north end of St. Mary's Parish in downtown Rockford .

In 1920, the summit of Council Hill (or Piety Hill), reputedly the highest spot in Rockford, was purchased for a new parish. In 1921 building began on a combination church and school on Court Street.

As the parish continued to expand and grow, property was acquired on the east side of Church Street and construction began on a new church and rectory. The cornerstone for the new church was blessed by Bishop Lane in August of 1958 and the church was dedicated on May 15, 1960.

On October 11, 1970, Bishop O'Neill designated St. Peter as the cathedral for the diocese. The formal dedication of St. Peter Cathedral was October 11, 1978.

A new altar and sanctuary in St. Peter Cathedral were dedicated on September 29, 1998 by His Eminence Francis Cardinal George from the Chicago Archdiocese.


Pastors & Rectors:

Reverend John Flanagan - Decemeber 1915 - January 1921
Reverend Frederick Cooper - October 1922 - January 1932
Reverend Leo Binz - February 1932 - July 1933
Reverend Monsignor William McMillan - July 1933 - January 1967
Most Reverend Arthur J. O'Neill - January 1967 - October 1968
Reverend Monsignor Thomas Green - January 1969 - July 1979
Reverend Monsignor Thomas Brady - July 1979 - July 1984
Most Reverend Thomas G. Doran - July 1984 - July 1986
Reverend Monsignor William Clausen - July 1986 - July 1990
Reverend Monsignor Thomas Dzielak - July 1990 - September 1995
Reverend Monsignor William Schwartz - September 1995 - May 2007
Reverend Kenneth Wasilewski - June 3, 2007 - June 30, 2010
Reverend Joseph Naill - July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011
Reverend Carl Beekman - July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2014
Very Reverend J. Stephen St. Jules - July 1, 2014 - present


Parochial Vicars/Associates:

Reverend Robert Balog
Reverend Leo Bartel
Reverend David Beauvais
Reverend Matthew Bergschneider
Reverend Kevin Butler
Reverend Clement Caine
Reverend Mark Campobello
Reverend Edward Coakley
Reverend William Collins
Reverend L. Dudley Day
Reverend Alejandro Del Toro
Reverend Bernard Dittman
Reverend Timothy Doherty
Reverend Raymond Eipers
Reverend Martins Emeh
Reverend John Flanagan
Reverend Nicholas Federspiel
Reverend David Finn
Reverend John Fritz
Reverend Brian Geary
Reverend Monsignor Al Hart
Reverend David Heimann
Reverend Martin Heinz
Reverend Myles Hoare
Reverend Bertram Jaeger
Reverend Monsignor Joseph Jarmoluk
Reverend William Joffee
Reverend John J. Jones
Reverend Monsignor David Kagan, J.C.L.
Reverend Phillip Kaim
Reverend Francis Kennedy
Reverend Monsignor Phillip Kennedy
Reverend Richard Kramer
Reverend Christopher Kuhn
Reverend Arogyaswamy Lakkiineni
Reverend John Latchford
Reverend Thomas Lynam
Reverend Charles McCarren
Reverend Robert McClellan
Reverend James McLoughlin
Reverend Monsignor Charles McNamee, P.A.
Reverend Bernard Mullane
Reverend Joseph Naill
Reverend William O’Donnell
Reverend Monsignor Philip O’Neill
Reverend David Peck
Reverend Andrew Plesa
Reverend Phillip Reilly
Reverend David Rock
Reverend John J. Rowland
Reverend Walter Ryan
Reverend Steven Sabo
Reverend Robert Scanlon
Reverend Robert Sweeney
Reverend Dorrance Tranel, S.T.L.
Reverend Jeremy Trowbridge
Reverend Joseph Tully
Reverend Perfecto Vasques
Reverend Melvyn Vlasz
Reverend Kenneth Wasilewski
Reverend Paul White

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