Cathedral Staff Members:

Fr. Stephen St. Jules, Rector
815-965-2765 x105

Fr. David C. Finn, In Residence
815-965-2765 x308

Mr. Martin Czerniewski, Deacon
815-965-2765 x101

Mr. James Easton, Deacon
815-965-2765 x101

Mr. Robert Mitchison, Deacon
815-965-2765 x101

Mrs. Rene Flores, Cathedral Secretary
815-965-2765 x101

Mrs. Cassandra Wente, Cathedral Receptionist
815-965-2765 x102

Mrs. Mary Cox, Business Manager
815-965-2765 x109

Mrs. Nancy Spahr, Coordinator of Religious Education
815-965-2765 x108

Mr. Mike Flanagan, Director of Music
815-965-2765 x103

Mr. Jim Burns, Principal
815-963-3620 x422

Mrs. Betsy Conery, School Secretary
815-963-3620 x400

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