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Mission Statement

Developing the talents from the Father...  Sharing the gifts of the Spirit...
Living the example of the Son... We are St. Peter Cathedral School

Solar Eclipse

Dear Parents:



I want to share important information regarding the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. This will be the first total solar eclipse to occur coast to coast in the United States since 1918. (The next one for our area is April 2024.) This rare phenomenon is one that many people are excited to watch and it is a significant educational opportunity for our students.


My concern involves the safety of our children since a solar eclipse can pose a danger to those who look directly at the sun. The only safe way to view an eclipse is by using special glasses designed for the specific purpose of viewing the event. These glasses need to be compliant with the ISO 12312-2 International Safety Standard. Unfortunately, there have been reports that stores have been flooded with counterfeit versions of these glasses. Additionally, online retailer Amazon has recalled certain brands of eclipse glasses that were stamped with the ISO standard. The uncertainty created by this information poses a risk to our students that I am unwilling to take.


Therefore, I have decided that there will be no outside activities on Monday August 21st between 11:30 am and 3:05 pm. (The exception to this is eighth grade.) Pre-K dismisses at 11:10, shortly before the start of the eclipse for our area; the end of the partial eclipse time for our area is at 2:45, shortly before dismissal. Please keep this in mind when picking-up your children. This decision was with research of eclipse safety standards, eclipse glasses, as well as consultation with an optometrist.


You are encouraged to have serious conversations with your children regarding the danger of looking at the sun anytime, but especially during a solar eclipse. The peak of the eclipse will occur at 1:20 pm on Monday.


Teachers have been encouraged to use NASA’s and Discovery Education  live streaming websites to follow the eclipse as it unfolds across the nation so that our students are able to witness this rare event safely.


I encourage you as parents, to make decisions that you feel are best for your student regarding this event. It may help you to know that absences will be excused with a note from you for Monday, August 21 if you choose to keep your child home during the solar eclipse.


Thank you so much for your support and assistance in this matter.




James Burns


Principal's Welcome Back to School Message

Dear Parents:


On behalf of the staff of Cathedral of St. Peter School, I am excited to welcome you to the 2016-17 school year!  It continues to be an honor and privilege to serve as the principal of such an exemplary and student centered learning community. Our exceptionally talented and committed teachers and support staff are eager to embark on another year and to work with you as partners as we continue to nurture the ongoing spiritual and academic growth of your child.

This year’s partnership begins with Parent-Student Night on Wednesday, August 17, at 6:00 in the Church. Parents and children in grades K-8 should attend. Children should bring all of their supplies, materials, etc. that night. They will have the opportunity to place these items in their classroom after the meeting in Church. HASA will have a Welcome Back Punch & Cookies. There will also be an important meeting for parents of eighth graders that evening.

The first school day for all children is Thursday, August 18. School begins at 8:10; dismissal this day is 1:15. Uniforms are to be worn on this day. Hot lunch will start to be served Monday, August 22 (bring a lunch from home on Friday).  Lunch tickets are available to purchase in the office.  Milk will be available on August 19 (order form is attached).  Before and After School care will also be available August 18.  There will be a Used Uniform Sale on Sunday, August 7, from 10-12 in the cafeteria.


Changes this school year involve the middle school level. First, students will have, and own, a new Chromebook. This was purchased in June. This is bringing students more in line with the rapid growth of learning through technology. Second is that sixth graders will now have Music class. This will be one day per week. Seventh and eighth graders are welcome to take this class if they wish. Finally, with students having their own Chromebook, technology will be integrated into regular subject areas. This will allow students to have a Special Class (Art and/or Spanish) more than one day per week. Overall, these changes will enhance our excellent educational program.


It is important to keep you informed of all that is taking place between now and the start of school. On School Speak and our website  --- www.cathedralofstpeter.org/school --- you will find the following items:

  • Parent-Student Handbook (including Uniform Policy)

  • Extra-Curricular Handbook

  • School Calendar

  • Supply List

Please read these before the start of the school year.

Students entering Kindergarten and 6th grade must have a School Physical Form on file in the office by the first day of school.  Kindergarten students must also submit a Court-House Copy of their Birth Certificate and Proof of Eye Exam at the start of school.  Dental forms for K, 2, 6 are due by May, 2017.

Check School Speak daily for information, forms, etc. This information will also be available on the school website. During the school year, our E-News will be published every other week on School Speak as a means to keep you informed.  Please review your family’s information and make any changes/corrections, especially email, phone and address information.  A school directory will be available early September.  If you do not wish to have your information published (i.e. phone, address…), please contact the office directly.  Only parents registered in the school will have access to this information.


Remember, our Parish-School Pig Roast is Saturday, August 27. If you have not done so purchase your tickets before August 8. A count is needed by then so that the proper amount of food can be ordered. A form is available on School Speak. A schedule of events is available in the parish bulletin, which can be accessed at www.cathedralofstpeter.org.

At this time I wish to share with you staff changes for the coming school year. First, Mrs. Jill Renteria has taken a position at another school. We wish her the best in her new job. We welcome back Mr. Ken Held who will teach Math at the 6th and 8th grade levels. Mrs. Melissa Wedwick will teach middle school Religion and Science. At this time a search is on for a part-time Technology teacher. Until one is employed children in grades K-5 will receive a second Art class during the week.

Cathedral of St. Peter is blessed to have a strong, caring community of priests, parents, educators, and parishioners who desire to do the best for God’s children. It is because of this involvement that children experience a high level of success.

Staff and I look forward to seeing you August 17. Most importantly, I look forward to continuing our partnership as we provide the spiritual, academic, and social support to the children attending Cathedral of St. Peter School so that their future is a successful one.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer vacation!


Blessings and Peace,

James Burns




Parish/School Picnic

      SATURDAY, AUGUST 19        



Menu:                         Roasted pig and stuffing    Cheesey potatoes

                                    Baked Beans                                    Chips

                                    Hot dogs for children


Cost:                           Good-Will donation


Beverages:                Adult beverages --- $3.00/$4.00

                                    Soda Pop or Water --- $1.00


Games and activities begin at 3:30. Some of the activities are Knockerball, Bouncie House, dunk tank, and a lemonade stand. Check School Speak after August 10 for a schedule of activities.

 Dinner served 5:00-6:30                                                                 RAIN OR SHINE


All proceeds to Benefit Cathedral of St. Peter School

RSVP:  bconery@cathedralofstpeter.org


Request a Personal Contact

 If you wish more iformation about our school or would like to visit, please call 815-963-3620. Our summer hours are in effect Monday through Friday, 8:30-2:30. If no one answers, please leave a message or call the Church office at 815-965-2765. You may also comlpete this a contact form by clicking on this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1whuG59Hhj7GMg6kAxJrXyw8lXiLG62Jari3-DDO3-RQ/edit?usp=sharing Thank you. We look forward to hearning from you.

Four-Year-Old Pre-Kindergarten 



Cathedral of St. Peter School Pre-K is returning! Our Pre-K will focus upon developing the minds, hearts, and spirits of our youngest learners. We see your child as you do – as a child of God. Your child’s love of learning starts here!

Children in the Pre-K program will explore concepts described in this handout to develop skills for future success. Mastery is not required before entering Kindergarten. Children learn these concepts at their own pace through the guidance and instruction of a certified teacher. Children will be taught with hands-on materials, songs, and games. They are assessed by observation and work samples. Philosophically our youngest children learn best through play, creativity, movement, and activity!

Pre-K Program Overview:

  • Children must be 4 years-old by August 31

  • A child may attend half day, 8:10-11:05, for five days a week or full day, 8:10-3:05, for five days a week

  • Tuition and fees will be part of the school’s tuition and fees structure

  • The program will be located in the lower level of the school building in the current first grade classroom

  • Children will eat lunch and enjoy recess with those in grades K-4

  • Children will wear play clothes


Educational Goals:  

  • Learn foundational precepts in reading, comprehension, writing, math, religion, and music

  • Befriend older student “buddies” who model a love of learning, being a kind friend, and living a virtuous life

  • Experience Spanish, PE, and Music with specialized teachers

  • Benefit from our expanded digital learning environment utilizing interactive whiteboards and chromebooks




  • Listen to Old and New Testament Bible stories

  • Recognize that plants, animals, and human beings are God’s creations

  • Recognize that God created families to love and take care of one another

  • Learn about God’s love

  • Listen to stories of the life of Jesus

  • Learn Jesus’ teachings to love God and love others


  • Numerals 1-10

  • Counting objects to 10

  • One-to-one correspondence of objects

  • Sorting by various attributes: color, shape, size

  • Patterns: AB, AABB, ABC

  • Sizes: small, medium, large

  • Shapes: square, rectangle, circle, triangle

  • Matching: symbols, shapes, patterns, etc.

  • Same and Different

  • More, Less, Same

  • Time: Day and Night

  • Money: Explore through games, songs, and pretend play


  • Exposure to alphabet: letter names and sounds

  • Phonics

  • Develop reading skills

  • Recognize, spell, write first name

  • Hold a pencil, marker, crayon correctly

  • Retell familiar stories

  • Draw pictures and dictate sentences about stories and experiences

  • Answer questions about stories

  • Repeat simple nursery rhymes and fingerplays

  • Concepts of print: left to right direction, holding a book right-side-up

  • Build new vocabulary

  • Build listening skills

  • Strengthen visual discrimination

  • Sequencing

  • Develop fine motor skills: play dough, scissors, writing utensils, Legos, etc.

Social Skills

  • Practice problem-solving skills in social situations

  • Work in groups or with a partner on a variety of projects

  • Share classroom materials with the group

  • Practice using manners: please, thank you, excuse me, table manners

  • Communicate his/her needs

  • Take care of his/her own basic needs: clean up, roll up nap pad, fasten clothing, use tissue as needed, etc.

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