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James Burns, Principal
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Mission Statement

Developing the talents from the Father...  Sharing the gifts of the Spirit...
Living the example of the Son... We are St. Peter Cathedral School


Letter Pertaining to Faith Forward

Dear Families of Cathedral of St. Peter, St. Bernadette and St. James,


Our highest calling is to provide a means for academic education for our children grounded in solid formation in our Catholic faith and identity. The parish and school families of the Cathedral of St. Peter, St. Bernadette and St. James take that calling very seriously.


In an effort to fulfill that calling and provide the highest quality, sustainable and affordable Catholic education in the downtown and west side of Rockford, our three parishes have formed a Joint School Committee to evaluate ways in which our schools can collaborate and utilize resources to achieve that Catholic vision both now and in the future.


The committee was formed as a response to the findings of the Faith Forward Strategic Plan, a two-year strategic planning process to strengthen Catholic education in our region and address trends affecting our schools. Key findings included declining enrollments, shifting family values, inconsistent education delivery, and unsustainable levels of subsidy and tuition. To read the full report, www.ceorockford.org and click on the “Faith Forward” link.


Our three-school Joint School Committee, which includes pastors, principals, Education Commission or Parish Education Commission, and Finance Council members, has been meeting since early June to work on a plan to develop a thriving Catholic education program on the west side of Rockford. In that time, we have accomplished the following:

  • Hired Larson & Darby, a local architecture firm nationally recognized for their work with schools around the nation, to assess each school’s facility starting in August.

  • Started financial assessments of each school to determine combined resources and obligations.

  • Started identifying ways to enhance the educational program so that our children have a strong foundation in the Catholic faith and the 21st century skills for success.

  • Begun investigating ways to maintain an affordable tuition while offering a quality Catholic education.


While it is still early in our process, here is what we can share:

  • We are excited with the spirit of collaboration and the opportunities this presents. While we are addressing significant challenges, this is also an opportunity to create a solution that strengthens Catholic education in our region, and better prepares our students for success, and happiness as Catholic people.


  • There will be no changes for the 2017-18 school year. We look forward to welcoming back our current families and are still accepting enrollments for new families at all three schools.


  • We anticipate sharing initial information from the Joint Schools Committee this fall. We will actively solicit input, feedback and your involvement as we collect information, vet alternatives and develop recommendations.


  • We recognize how important it will be to keep our parents and parishes involved and informed throughout this process. We anticipate sharing information regularly through announcements in the parish bulletin, through School Speak for school families, on our websites and in additional correspondence.


Most importantly, please pray that God continues to guide us in our efforts.





Joint Schools Committee  



Four-Year-Old Pre-Kindergarten 



Cathedral of St. Peter School Pre-K is returning! Our Pre-K will focus upon developing the minds, hearts, and spirits of our youngest learners. We see your child as you do – as a child of God. Your child’s love of learning starts here!

Children in the Pre-K program will explore concepts described in this handout to develop skills for future success. Mastery is not required before entering Kindergarten. Children learn these concepts at their own pace through the guidance and instruction of a certified teacher. Children will be taught with hands-on materials, songs, and games. They are assessed by observation and work samples. Philosophically our youngest children learn best through play, creativity, movement, and activity!

Pre-K Program Overview:

  • Children must be 4 years-old by August 31

  • A child may attend half day, 8:10-11:05, for five days a week or full day, 8:10-3:05, for five days a week

  • Tuition and fees will be part of the school’s tuition and fees structure

  • The program will be located in the lower level of the school building in the current first grade classroom

  • Children will eat lunch and enjoy recess with those in grades K-4

  • Children will wear play clothes


Educational Goals:  

  • Learn foundational precepts in reading, comprehension, writing, math, religion, and music

  • Befriend older student “buddies” who model a love of learning, being a kind friend, and living a virtuous life

  • Experience Spanish, PE, and Music with specialized teachers

  • Benefit from our expanded digital learning environment utilizing interactive whiteboards and chromebooks




  • Listen to Old and New Testament Bible stories

  • Recognize that plants, animals, and human beings are God’s creations

  • Recognize that God created families to love and take care of one another

  • Learn about God’s love

  • Listen to stories of the life of Jesus

  • Learn Jesus’ teachings to love God and love others


  • Numerals 1-10

  • Counting objects to 10

  • One-to-one correspondence of objects

  • Sorting by various attributes: color, shape, size

  • Patterns: AB, AABB, ABC

  • Sizes: small, medium, large

  • Shapes: square, rectangle, circle, triangle

  • Matching: symbols, shapes, patterns, etc.

  • Same and Different

  • More, Less, Same

  • Time: Day and Night

  • Money: Explore through games, songs, and pretend play


  • Exposure to alphabet: letter names and sounds

  • Phonics

  • Develop reading skills

  • Recognize, spell, write first name

  • Hold a pencil, marker, crayon correctly

  • Retell familiar stories

  • Draw pictures and dictate sentences about stories and experiences

  • Answer questions about stories

  • Repeat simple nursery rhymes and fingerplays

  • Concepts of print: left to right direction, holding a book right-side-up

  • Build new vocabulary

  • Build listening skills

  • Strengthen visual discrimination

  • Sequencing

  • Develop fine motor skills: play dough, scissors, writing utensils, Legos, etc.

Social Skills

  • Practice problem-solving skills in social situations

  • Work in groups or with a partner on a variety of projects

  • Share classroom materials with the group

  • Practice using manners: please, thank you, excuse me, table manners

  • Communicate his/her needs

  • Take care of his/her own basic needs: clean up, roll up nap pad, fasten clothing, use tissue as needed, etc.


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